Alchemy of the Soul

Apprenticeship for Psychedelic Facilitation & Psilocybin Retreats 

8-Month Hands-on experiential learning, immersion and supervision,
led by Dr. DaeEss 1Drea 


Discover the
New Frontier of Healing

Elevate your skills, impact, and confidence in the blossoming world of psychedelic therapy with
Dr. DaeEss 1Drea's tailored mentorship. 

Traverse this uncharted territory with seasoned guidance, ensuring you step forward with not just knowledge, but the profound wisdom of experience.

The next cohort runs from July to October, 2024

If You Need:

✓ Confidence in leading psychedelic journeys

Embrace the courage to dive deep, guide safe transformative journeys, and provide unparalleled therapeutic experiences for your clients, with integrity and certainty.

✓ Expert-Backed Strategies

Learn and adapt masterfully designed protocols, ensuring each session is both therapeutic and spiritually enriching for the participant.

✓ Hands-On Learning

✓ Continuous Support

Engage directly in practical sessions, experiencing the dynamics of psychedelic therapy from both the facilitator's and participant's perspectives.

Benefit from an ever-present guidance, answering your queries, addressing your concerns, and refining your expertise every step of the way.



Beyond mere interest, you have a genuine passion for understanding and mastering the art and science of psychedelic facilitation to offer transformative experiences.

You're a Dedicated Professional: Whether you're a mental health practitioner, nurse, doctor, therapist, or social worker, your commitment to personal and professional growth is unwavering.

You Seek Mastery in Psychedelic Facilitation: Beyond mere interest, you have a genuine passion for understanding and mastering the art and science of psychedelic facilitation to offer transformative experiences.

You Value Real-world Experience: While theory is essential, you recognize the unparalleled worth of hands-on learning and seek an apprenticeship that provides just that.

Safety and Ethical Practices are Paramount: You aim to conduct psychedelic sessions in places where they're legal and with the highest ethical considerations, ensuring client safety and wellbeing.

Program Structure
The entire apprenticeship is 8-months long and is divided into two phases, each is lasting 4-months. Each phase is integral to your development, but please note that attending only the first part will not cover all the core competencies. To fully benefit from the program and master all competencies, participation in both parts is recommended.

Comprehensive  lessons, resources  + supervision

2 phases of live learning ONLINE + small group connection + PRIVATE MENTORING

This program hones six critical skills for effective psychedelic facilitation:

1. Empathetic Abiding Presence: Cultivates the ability to remain fully present and empathetically connected to the client's experience, fostering a safe and supportive environment.

2. Trust Enhancement: Develops strategies to build and maintain a strong foundation of trust, essential for navigating the vulnerabilities opened up by psychedelic experiences.

3. Spiritual Intelligence: Enhances understanding and respect for the spiritual dimensions of psychedelic experiences, integrating these insights into the therapeutic process.

4. Knowledge of Physical and Psychological Effects of Psychedelics: Offers comprehensive education on how psychedelics affect the mind and body, preparing facilitators to anticipate and address potential challenges.

5. Therapist Self-Awareness and Ethical Integrity: Emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and adherence to ethical guidelines to ensure responsible practice and the well-being of clients.

6. Proficiency in Complementary Techniques: Introduces additional therapeutic modalities that complement psychedelic therapy, enriching the facilitator's toolkit for facilitating healing and transformation.


Core Competencies

The Ultimate Guide to Safe Psychedelic Preparation Course is a pre-requisite for the Alchemy Apprenticeship. Admission is open at all times so you may begin today. Click here to see the course

The next cohort runs from July to October, 2024

The cost for the entire program is $7000 plus €1000 for the experiential retreat

payment plans are available. 


Incorporating The Cornerstone Process, our unique bio-psycho-social-spiritual framework ensures a holistic, deeply transformative, and ethically guided approach to psychedelic facilitation.

To ensure a comprehensive learning experience and to track your progress, we will use various assessment methods:

1. Participation in Live Community Calls (1-2x per month) for the Ultimate Guide to Safe Psychedelic Preparation and Sacred Psychedelic Saturday Zoom Sessions:

   - Here, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate active listening, provide non-judgmental feedback, and engage in discussions. Attendance to a minimum of 3 of these sessions with active participation is suggested during each of the 4-month program periods.

2. Participation during the 10-Week  Pre-retreat Prep and Integration Program:

   - Our retreat in the Netherlands is an added feature. During preparation and integration Zoom sessions, your interaction with participants will be observed. This will include your ability to apply the learned concepts in a practical setting, manage group dynamics, and provide empathetic support.

3. One-on-One Sessions: (2x per month)

   - Twice each month, you will have individual sessions with Dr. DaeEss 1Drea. These sessions are aimed at providing personalized feedback and fine-tuning your skills. It's also an opportunity to discuss any challenges you are facing and to strategize on ways to enhance your learning experience.

4. Cohort Live Lectures and Q&A calls (2x per month)

On the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 11am ET, 5pm Paris we will meet on Zoom for live lectures, Q&A and feedback. Attendance of 80% of these sessions is required. 

5. Small Group / Pod meetings (1-2x per month)

An integral part of your apprenticeship journey involves participation in small group (pod) meetings. These sessions are designed to foster a deeper connection with your peers, facilitate group learning, and provide a supportive environment for discussion and reflection.
leadership and facilitation skills.

6. Quizzes, Essays, and Final Exam

As part of the apprenticeship program, you will be required to complete quizzes, write essays and take a final exam to evaluate your understanding and mastery of the material covered. These assessments are designed to reinforce your learning and ensure a solid grasp of the key concepts and practices.

Continuous Self-Assessment and Reflection

Apart from the structured assessments, you are encouraged to engage in continuous self-assessment and reflection. This practice is vital for your personal and professional growth in the field.

Progress Tracking

Your progress will be tracked throughout the program. This will include evaluations based on your participation, engagement in learning activities, and the ability to demonstrate competencies in real-world settings. Feedback will be provided regularly to ensure you are aware of your development areas and achievements.


Please note that completing the first part of the apprenticeship will provide valuable learning and experience, but certification as a psychedelic facilitator will require completion of both parts of the program.

We are committed to supporting you on this transformative journey. Your dedication and active participation are key to making the most out of this apprenticeship. Together, we will explore the depths of psychedelic therapy and facilitation, preparing you to make a significant impact in this evolving field.

Assessment Methods

5-day Psilocybin Truffle Retreats 

Cornerstone EXPERIENTIAL RetreatS | 2024

The Apprenticeship program includes attendance to 1 experiential retreat in the Netherlands with 2 psilocybin truffle ceremonies during the 5-day Cornerstone Program.


MAY 2-6

May 31 - June 4, 2024 

Resilience ​& Renewal for Health Professionals

SEPTember 6-10, 2024

Sacred Feminine Women’s Retreat


Worried about navigating the legal landscape? I'm here to guide you.

Concerned about the real-world application of psychedelic therapy?
Experience it firsthand with compassionate, expert guidance.

Fearing potential risks to your professional reputation?
Rest easy knowing you're trained by the best.

what STUDENTS say:

Dr. 1Drea's teaching style is so unique. She approaches all of her students with deep curiosity and connects on a soul level. She is thorough in her answers to questions and always seems to go the extra mile to ensure that her students are getting the results they need. 

Rashmi Schramm, MD
Board Certified Integrative Physician & Meditation Coach

The cross-cultural course content is designed to satisfy intelligent and non-judgmental reflection upon the universal human experience of healing, trauma, and wholeness. I am particularly impressed by an invitation to contemplate with patient and loving understanding the connection between the conscious and the subconscious aspects of the psyche. Harmony. Integration. Mindfulness.

- Geoffrey Khodayar Denison
Retired clergy

The Ultimate Guide course content is superb. It's incredibly thorough and truly covers everything from the brain science and biology, to the mental and psychological aspects, to spiritual awakening. I have a way more nuanced and safe view of psychedelics now, both for myself and my clients (as well as my friends). I also have greater understanding of the shadow side of psychedelics in terms of facilitators, recreational use, and the potential for re-traumatizing people who are neurodiverse and people of the global majority (BIPOC). 

- Violet Lange
Relationship Coach, 500 hr Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, MBA from Harvard


"I wish I had a mentor who's been through this journey to guide my first steps into psychedelic facilitation."

"How can I navigate the vast world of psychedelic therapy without feeling overwhelmed or lost?"

"I need a structure or framework that's proven to ensure I'm providing the best for my clients during their experiences."

"I'm so deeply involved in traditional therapeutic methods, how can I integrate psychedelics without compromising the essence of my practice?"

"I need a community or network of like-minded professionals to share, learn, and grow with in this evolving field."

"Is there a way to get hands-on experience in a safe and guided environment, rather than just theoretical knowledge?"


This isn't just another training—it's a transformation. A metamorphosis for both you as a practitioner and the lives you'll touch.

Click the button below to complete the Application. If it feels like a good fit, 1Drea will offer you a complimentary discovery call and together, we'll explore whether the Alchemy of the Soul Apprenticeship is the perfect fit for your aspirations.

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