Dive deep into a transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Drawing from a rich tapestry of ancient rituals, modern neuroscience, and the profound potential of psychedelics, my offerings are meticulously crafted to guide you towards a vibrant, harmonious, and awakened life. Whether you're seeking personal growth, trauma healing, or a renewed sense of purpose, you're in the right place

Dae'Ess 1Drea • Dae'Ess 1Drea •

I'm here to empower you to reclaim your sovereignty.  

Becoming the hero of your life story begins with taking control of your personal narrative. Healing the past, creating a vision for the future, and embracing ALL of you is the journey we're on.


Discover a suite of transformative offerings designed to guide you on your journey towards self-discovery, healing, and personal evolution. With a holistic approach I will help you become your most authentic self.

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psilocybin retreat facilitation & hosting

Dr. DaeEss 1Drea hosts expertly facilitated psilocybin retreats and private ceremonies. Dive deep into sacred journeys, unlock healing, and emerge renewed. This is a change to experience profound connection and insight with preparation & integration sessions, journal prompts, guided meditations and Dr. 1Drea's supportive presence.

Dive deep into your subconscious with  expert guidance on your psychedelic journey. Services include individual virtual sessions, private ceremonies in select locations where sacred medicines are legal, and support for preparation and integration of your psychedelic experiences from other retreats. Benefit from informed guidance on safely microdosing psychedelics.


Professional Mentoring for Therapists & Facilitators

Elevate your skills as a therapist or psychedelic facilitator with DaeEss 1Drea's professional mentoring. With offerings such as retreat and psilocybin session apprenticeships, online courses on shadow work, and trauma-sensitive psychedelic facilitation, you can deepen your knowledge and enhance your practice.


Conscious Branding & Author Mentoring

Unleash your storytelling prowess and elevate your spiritual entrepreneurship with conscious branding guidance and book mentoring. With the expertise of a mentor who has published 18 books in the last six years and has guided hundreds of authors, find your voice, confidently share your stories, and weave narratives that resonate. Engage with popular workshops like "Stories with Soul" and explore the Hero's Journey online.



I offer keynote speeches and workshops that inspire transformation and resilience. Drawing from deep expertise in mental health and healing trauma, I provide insightful talks on the 'Top 10 Traits of Resilience', navigating the 'Dark Night of the Ego' to embracing the 'Dawn of the Soul.' Whether it's post-traumatic growth, fostering resilience, the benefits of psychedelic therapy, or cultivating mindfulness or nurturing self-love, my sessions provide profound insights for both individual well-being and organizational growth.

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Personal & professional mentoring

Unlock your full potential with personalized mentoring tailored to your unique needs in healing, love, or business. Whether you're looking to overcome personal obstacles, enhance your relationships, or elevate your professional life, our expert guidance is designed to help you identify and navigate the challenges holding you back. You'll benefit from a holistic approach that supports your growth and success in all areas of life.

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Ultimate Guide to Safe Psychedelic Preparation

A 6-Week Virtual Program with Group Coaching to Prepare, Navigate, and Reflect on Your Psychedelic Journey

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1Drea's expertise is to capture your essence and to guide and support you through your own journey. Working with 1Drea allowed me to discover a lot about my authentic self, my resilience skills and planted in me the seed and the desire to start my own business. ”

Dr. Joana Soares,
Veterinarian, Author

Working with 1Drea allowed me to really get to the core of my message. It helped me to clearly feel into and own what I stand for. I can now clearly express my values and share my passion for helping animals to heal!

Charlotte Banff,
Founder, AnimalHealer Academy

Having 1Drea as a mentor allowed me to gain more confidence and finally embrace my soul purpose. She is outstanding in “reading” you and has the ability to pin down problems fast. She opened a whole new world of ideas, opportunities and connections to me. I will always be grateful for her teachings and endless support.

Delia C.O. Sanchez
Founder, The Reinvention Club

5-day Psilocybin Truffle Retreats 

Cornerstone RetreatS | 2024

Join Dr. 1Drea and her expert trauma-informed facilitation team in the Netherlands with 2 psilocybin truffle ceremonies during the 5-day Cornerstone Retreat Program.

*Airfare  not included

Discover a sanctuary for self-care at the Resilience & Renewal Retreat exclusively for health professionals. From May 31 to June 4, 2024, in the serene landscapes of the Netherlands, Dr. 1Drea invites you to a unique retreat tailored to rejuvenate your spirit and strengthen your professional heart.

Embrace the opportunity to recharge and connect with colleagues in a profound, shared journey of healing and professional enrichment.

*Airfare not included

Join us for a profound journey into the heart of the Sacred Feminine with our exclusive 5-day retreat designed specifically for women. Nestled in the tranquil surroundings of Amsterdam, this retreat offers a sanctuary where you can explore, heal, and grow.

In today’s world, reconnecting with the Sacred Feminine is more important than ever. This retreat offers a space to explore aspects of yourself that society often overlooks. Rediscover your intuition, creativity, and the powerful connection with nature and the cycles of life.

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Then book
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