Here I describe the 5-step mindfulness practice, the Attunement Meditation, that is designed to help bring peace and harmony to body and mind.

Discover more about each of the 5 steps of the Attunement Meditation below

Step 1: Allow

Allow your body and brain to relax as we shift toward neutral.

Becoming the non-judgmental witness is the key to releasing resistance and recovering from chaos in the present moment.

Your first step toward abundant health, perfect peace and authentic power in any situation is to drop resistance and stop struggling. It sounds counterintuitive, but when you cease fighting your disease or circumstances you open yourself up to greater power for transformation.

What if letting go of resistance to what is happening could ease your suffering? What if releasing the need to control your situation could increase your sense of personal power?

Could you let this moment be exactly as it is without fighting, struggling or pushing toward a new direction?

What would happen if you dropped the urge to ‘fix’ things right now?


By surrendering to this moment

we allow all thoughts, judgments, and beliefs to rise and then fall away.

Step 2: Attune to Compassion

Learn how to attune to heart-based healing through compassion.

Attune to love and compassion by imagining that you can tune yourself to radio station W-LUV.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Imagine what you would feel like if you were tuned into the ‘radio station of love, peace and harmony.’  What thoughts or words would you hear on that radio station? Imagine the radio waves coming from that radio seeping into your body and mind to melt away tension and stress. Feel your body relax into a wave of peace and love. Imagine that you are surrounded by a warm caress of loving energy.

Step 3: Align Your Mind with Higher Consciousness

Align your mind with the mind of divine love.

Can you let go of me-focused thoughts and line up your will, mindset and thoughts with the mind of compassion.

Imagine all people enjoying peaceful progress.

Say to yourself, “May my mind be guided by peace and love.”

Or repeat, “Not my will, but Thy will be done.” Align your mind with the mind of Love – which desires the best outcome for ALL people involved.

This takes you out of ego-based desires, and allows you to line up your thoughts, wills and desires with a state of higher consciousness. The Mind of the Divine has the answers to all ‘problems’ anyway. So you cannot go wrong!

Imagine you performing and interacting at your best in the current situation and align yourself now with the thinking and attitude of your Best You. What does your highest state of mind tell you about who you really are in this situation?

Align with the mental concept, mannerisms and beliefs of your Best You, to the best of your ability now. What is the least you can align with now? What is the most you could accept as truth right now?

Make a decision to line up your thoughts, feelings and actions with your Best You, your higher Self, the God in you.

Step 4: Inspired Action

Ask for and Act on INSPIRATION.

What inspired action will lead you peacefully to your goals and dreams?

Take the time to go within to ask for inspiration. What does your gut or your intuition tell you is correct at this time?

Maybe now is the time to be silent and still. Sometimes the best action is no action. Without being a quitter, make a decision to take inspired action that is aligned with your values and goals.

As we take responsibility for our life we move on to the fourth step 4 in the Attunement Process which introduces the opportunity for Inspired Action. Knowing that your thoughts and intentions determine your entire life experience – mentally and physically – you will find that action that is inspired by Love, your higher self or soul, that is in line with your highest ideals and values is the only action worth taking.

You are freed from doing busy work that doesn’t please you or mindless activities which fail to advance you on your soul’s journey. Instead you begin to live with intention and purpose. You are encouraged to tap into your own internal wisdom, guidance from your higher self, the Soul or what you may call intuition. It has been referred to as choiceless awareness. I like to say that armed with true self-awareness, self-acceptance and accountability, the ‘right’ path becomes obviously clear. You will come to see, feel or otherwise sense what actions are beneficial for your life expression and are in line with your values and which are aligned with Love. You may find that circumstances spontaneously appear and you know the best course for you. Or, as you embark on a path, you become sensitive to the need to stop, wait or leave a situation all together.

While exploring the Step 4 you will learn to get into a receptive state to receive guidance and inspiration to create a personal plan of action leading you toward goals you believe are appropriate for you now. All the while you learn to allow for the unexpected insights that will come when you get really tuned into living life according to your own destiny. Step 4 will prepare you for a new way of life that promises more peace, harmony and fulfillment. Then you are poised to enjoy life!

Step 5: Appreciation

Appreciate the good that is present in your life.

There is always something worth being grateful for and appreciating.

Even just being able to connect to the Internet to find solutions – not escape! – to your problems.

In the fifth and final step, Appreciation, your Attunement is complete.

Find something in your environment or in your heart or memory to appreciate. Find a thing of beauty or search for one good, lovely, positive, joyful, funny thing to appreciate for being in your world and in your vision at this moment. When we attune to LOVE and appreciate the things worth loving that are in our world, we raise and maintain our energy, thoughts, feelings and actions in a higher state of being.

It is easy to fall into complacency about the beauty and wonder of things in our environment. Commit to keep a gratitude journal where you write down 3 things each day that go ‘right’ or are beautiful to you, and write down what part YOU played in it!

On this website, we will dive into the rich world of Positive Psychology with techniques for appreciating the good that is inherent in your life. Beauty, altruism, awe, humor…all can be found in every life situation and you play a major role in them. When you experience your direct connection to the things in life worth appreciating you will not only enjoy the direct physical benefits such as increased happiness, lower stress, better sleep and more intimacy but also a greater satisfaction for life and your indispensable role in it!





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