Together we explore resilience, self-love, spiritual growth, and healing trauma & ACEs. I offer a journey to the heart of holistic healing and psychedelic therapy.

Enjoy this excerpt from the forthcoming book, The Dreamweaver’s Legacy: Ellaría and the Forest of Mysteries by DaeEss 1Drea Pennington Wasio, copyright 2024, all rights reserved.

She was at a crossroads — again. The all too familiar feeling of deep longing, edging on desperation, filled her chest. There was a choice to be made. She knew the dilemma so well, to choose to keep the life she had or to create something altogether new. The status quo felt somewhat safe, albeit slightly boring. The idea of something new was unclear, and potentially unsafe, yet it whispered of untold possibilities and uncharted realms. It hinted at a life of excitement.

Her current work was her chosen path, her dharma. It was her life purpose to serve humanity by helping people connect to the truth of who they really are, to release the painful stories of past trauma, to heal on all levels. This work was personal and meaningful, as it had been her own path of healing that led to so much more freedom and happiness.

She had traversed the rocky terrains of her soul, unearthing and mending the wounds of a childhood marred by pain and dysfunction. Her words, rich with the wisdom of her own journey, became a balm for others treading similar paths. She had faced the hidden demons in her shadow in sacred healing sessions.

Then, having shared publicly her triumph over decades of depression that she suffered in private, she showed the world that recovery from adverse childhood experiences and their consequences is possible. DaeEss 1Drea’s guidance was like a lighthouse, offering a beacon of hope in the midst of emotional storms. Her work wasn’t just a profession; it was a calling, one that resonated with the deepest parts of her being.

Yet, despite this fulfillment, a different part of her had started to stir, awakening with a fervor that couldn’t be ignored. This part, long dormant, was a wild, untamed essence, yearning for a life brimming with magic, creativity, and novelty. The routine of daily chores and work, once a rhythmic dance, had slowly morphed into a monotonous march. While she cherished her clients and the community she had built, a gnawing sense of incompleteness began to echo in her soul. A deeper, more mystical calling was whispering to her, urging her to explore realms beyond the tangible.

Magic — the word resonated within her, vibrating with ancient wisdom and forgotten truths. It was a call to adventure, to a life where the mundane met the mystical, where everyday reality was imbued with enchantment. She yearned for a life where her work transcended conventional boundaries, merging healing with wonder, practicality with spirituality.

DaeEss 1Drea had been at this juncture before. Early in her professional career her work life became monotonous and the desire for novelty and change gnawed at her. Ultimately she felt torn between maintaining the projects she’d built up and moving on to something with more soul.

On a solitary night in early 2024, in a moment of raw vulnerability, she lifted her voice to the heavens, her plea slicing through the quiet of the night. “Show me a way to bring more magic into my life and work!” she implored, her voice a mixture of desperation and hope. The words, spoken aloud, seemed to ripple through the cosmos, setting forth a chain of events that would irrevocably alter the course of her destiny.

Unbeknownst to her, the universe was listening. Timelines of possibility shifted, new roads became visible in the GPS of her future life. Without knowing the power of her prayer, her call for magic would soon weave her into an extraordinary journey. It would be a mystical journey where her deepest longings would find not just answers, but a manifestation in ways beyond her wildest imaginings. It would be a journey where the lines between reality and magic blurred, where the lessons of the past and the dreams of the future would intertwine to create a tapestry of incredible beauty and complexity.

In this quest for magic, DaeEss 1Drea would discover that the true enchantment lay not in escaping the world she knew, but in transforming it with her own light. She would learn that magic was not an external element to be sought, but a latent force within her and within nature, waiting to be unleashed and woven into the very fabric of her existence.

And so, under the gaze of the stars that have witnessed the unfolding of countless destinies, her journey began. She caught a glimpse of possibility, that made her heart flutter with anticipation. It promised to be a journey that would lead her to the depths of her own soul, to ancient wisdoms, and to encounters with beings and realities that defied conventional understanding. Here, in the embrace of the unknown, she would find the magic she sought — not as an escape, but as a deeper engagement with life in all its multifaceted splendor.

This journey would be her greatest testament to the power of belief, the resilience of the human spirit, and the boundless potential of the soul when it dares to dream beyond the visible horizons. In seeking magic, she would become a weaver of dreams, a shaper of destinies, and a beacon of hope for those who too yearned for a life touched by mystical wonder.

As the dawn of her new journey neared, the air itself seemed to thrum with possibility, with the promise of a story yet to be written, a tale of healing, growth, and the transformative power of magic.

The Creative Call: Embracing a New Narrative

1Drea reasoned with a newfound clarity, “If I am struggling to embrace this creative part of me, and longing to live with more magic and spirituality, then certainly there are others who feel the same or have similar struggles. Just as I have bared my soul and shared my journey of healing, I will write a new story, one that sings of hope, magic, and expansion beyond the confines of ordinary thinking.”

“I will pen the narrative of my own odyssey, the unleashing of the creative spirit within my soul, and the interweaving of my long-held dream of a fully creative life into the fabric of my daily existence. We will embark on this journey of discovery and evolution together, me and my community of readers. We will delve into the spiritual wisdom that has spanned ages, liberating ourselves from the confines of old narratives, while daring to dance with new, uncharted tales.”

1Drea knew, however, that a part of her quivered at the thought of launching into such a creative endeavor. The voice of her father, an echo from the past, had long fused with her inner critic—a relentless judge of her ambitions and dreams. This facet of her, much like her father five decades earlier, sought to shield her from perceived harm. It whispered caution against the siren call of artistic passion, labeling it a mere distraction at best, and at worst, a peril to the financial stability she needed to survive.

That voice, persistent despite years of healing and growth, cautioned, “You cannot embark on a life as a fiction writer! It’s a risky venture that won’t sustain you financially. And who would take you seriously in such a role?”

Her daughter even questioned her about this choice. Asking whether she had the right idea, the right editor, the right… A ripple of doubt and fear seeped into 1Drea’s solar plexus, casting a shadow of uncertainty. Could it indeed be too fanciful, too impractical?

How could she possibly intertwine this new narrative into her life without jeopardizing her hard-earned achievements? She realized she needed the consensus of every part of her being to make this dream a reality.

“To embrace magic, I must invoke magic. I require a force greater than my fears to shatter these barriers of resistance. I need magic to align every fragment of my essence.”

With this revelation, 1Drea conceived an extraordinary approach to fully immerse herself in her story. And so, she began to write a story of her future-self, casting a powerful spell of the magical life she would now embody…

Embracing Enchantment: The Journey to Creative Liberation

In the luminous realm of possibilities, there’s a story that resonates with the rhythm of magic and transformation. It’s the tale of DaeEss 1Drea Pennington Wasio, a name that echoes through the corridors of potentiality. With a willing and open heart, she agreed to embrace magic in her daily life. Thus, her story begins…

One crisp morning, as the sun bathed her world in a golden hue, DaeEss 1Drea walked her beloved Yorkie as she did every day. But this was no ordinary day. She stumbled upon a small, unassuming bottle, poised delicately in the sandy beach by the Mediterranean Sea near her home. Inside, sparkling liquid shimmered with an otherworldly glow. With a heart full of hope and eyes wide with wonder, she opened the delicate bottle with its intricate, ornate design. She inhaled a fruity and light scent wafting from the bottle. Something deep within urged her to drink the elixir, and so she did. The liquid was bubbly, and as it slide down her throat it tingled and warmed her. In that instant, the universe whispered secrets of transformation and boundless potential into her soul.

A whoosh of air swirled around her, causing DaeEss to wobble a bit.  Suddenly, the mundane trappings of her ordinary life in 2024 melted away. Her surroundings were the same, but took on new dimensions of depth, color and vibrancy. In the coming weeks it was as if her vision was transformed, giving her a glimpse into a deeper, more complex version of 3D reality.

In this new world, DaeEss 1Drea’s heart danced to the rhythm of limitless abundance. She found herself in a vibrant, electrifying reality, a world where her deepest desires were not just dreams, but tangible, exhilarating truths. Her life transformed into a kaleidoscope of opulence, philanthropy, and spiritual enlightenment.

From that moment on the beach, she was transformed into the woman she always dreamed of becoming — a multi-passionate, successful entrepreneur, rich not just in wealth but in experiences and love. Her charitable endeavors touched lives across the globe, spreading joy, healing, and empowerment.

Her marriage deepened into a more profound connection, filled with passion, understanding, and unwavering support. Her daughter thrived, growing in an environment rich with love, creativity, and endless possibilities.

As she journeyed through this magical existence, DaeEss 1Drea discovered that her past karma was just a stepping stone to her dharma. Each day was a new page in her book of life, filled with adventures, learning, and growth. Her spiritual path was not just a journey but an exhilarating adventure, leading her to realms of enlightenment and self-discovery.

In this enchanting reality, DaeEss 1Drea lived boldly, fearlessly embracing her true essence. She was not just living a life; she was a symphony of joy, love, and transformation, playing her unique melody in the universe’s grand orchestra.

And so, DaeEss 1Drea Pennington Wasio, the magical potion and the whispering universe had shown her the truth—she was not becoming someone new. She was simply uncovering the magnificent reality of who she truly was, and always had been. This is not just a story, but a beacon of belief, a reminder that within you lies the power to transform your reality, to live boldly and beautifully, in the enchanting dance of your true, limitless self.

As DaeEss 1Drea ventured deeper into her newfound reality, she discovered that transformation wasn’t about abandoning her old world but reshaping it with the essence of her true self.

DaeEss was amazed at the transformation. In her journal she wrote, “Suddenly, the familiar contours of my 2024 life gained a new dimension. The world around me was imbued with a vibrancy that transcended the ordinary. Colors had depth, sounds had texture, and every moment was infused with the potential for wonder. At first it seemed like a waking dream. Yet, it was now my new version of life.”

“This was not a departure from my reality; it was an elevation. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, my ventures now touched lives globally, weaving joy and healing into the fabric of society. My family bonds deepened, flourishing in an environment ripe with love and creative potential.”

“Every day unfurled like a page from a book of enchantments, each chapter revealing deeper insights into realms of enlightenment. My life became a harmonious symphony, a blend of love, joy, and transformation that resonated with the universe’s grand melody.”

“The elixir’s magic had not altered my essence; it revealed it. I was not new; I was uncovered, the truth of my being laid bare—a reminder that we all possess the power to live a life of limitless potential.”

“Embracing my newfound reality, I found that true transformation is not about discarding the old but reimagining it, allowing the essence of my true self to permeate every aspect of existence.”

This new reality was the canvas upon which DaeEss 1Drea would paint her legacy, a world where the Dreamweaver’s touch was evident in the laughter of children, the embrace of loved ones, and the quiet moments of introspection that revealed the infinite within the finite. It was a world reborn through the power of belief, a testament to the potential that lies waiting at the crossroads of destiny and the whisper of new beginnings.

DaeEss continued her journal entry, “After drinking the elixir, I could feel a shift, a gentle but undeniable stirring of magic within me. The world around me was the same, yet irrevocably altered. Colors seemed richer, sounds clearer, and every breath felt like a sip of pure wonder.”

“I met with Jill, my dear friend and confidante, in our favorite café, the air buzzing with my newfound perception. ‘Jill, you won’t believe it,’ I began, my voice a mixture of awe and uncertainty. ‘I’ve been feeling this deep calling to magic, to spiritual mysticism, and to transformation. I prayed the other night for help to bring more magic into my life and my work.’

Jill leaned in, her curiosity piqued. ‘Tell me everything, DaeEss,’ she urged, her eyes reflecting my excitement.

‘I know this sounds nuts, but I found a bottle with some sparkling liquid in it by the beach. And I drank it!’ I told her.

As I described my experiences, from the mundane to the mystical, Jill listened intently. ‘It sounds like you’ve unlocked a deeper part of yourself,’ she mused. ‘It’s as if you’ve found the key to a hidden door, leading to a world of enchantment.’

I nodded, feeling a sense of affirmation. ‘Ever since that day at the beach, everything’s changed. It’s like I’m living in the same world, but through a magical lens.’ It’s more than just seeing things differently. It’s like I’m experiencing life in a more profound way. My work, my relationships, my whole perspective—it’s all transformed.’

‘But that’s not all, Jill.’ I went on. ‘Now I’m seeing my dreams as tangible realities. Like I’ve stepped into a new timeline of fulfillment! And, this is where I feel excited but shaky, I want to weave together a new series of fantasy fiction infused with practical lessons from my work to help other people tap into magic. What do you think?’

Jill smiled, her support unwavering. ‘You’ve always been a dreamer, DaeEss. But now, you’re living your dream in every sense. This is your magic, your journey. Embrace it!’

Her words resonated with me, echoing the truth I felt in my heart. This journey was mine to explore, a path of discovery and enchantment that I was destined to walk. And with each step, I felt more aligned with my true self, my world a canvas of limitless possibilities.”

“Jill didn’t seem to be phased by this news, she knows me so well!” DaeEss continued her journal entry.

“I believe many people could be helped by this!” DaeEss exclaimed aloud. Relieved and comforted by Jill’s words, DaeEss 1Drea continued to write her new story.

As she continued her magical mission, 1Drea realized that she was not just transforming others but also continuously evolving herself. With each life she touched, she discovered deeper layers of her own being, her own magic. She understood that transformation was an infinite journey, not just a destination and that there is endless potential within each of us.

Her life became a testament to the power of belief, the beauty of transformation, and the unbreakable bond of our shared humanity. This story is a reminder that magic is real, that change is possible, and that every one of us has the power to weave a new narrative, a narrative of hope, healing, and transcendence. And in this magical mission, every step forward is a step towards uncovering the magnificent truth of who we really are.


With the final click of the keyboard, 1Drea smiled. “There. That feels right! This vision embodies a life that honors every facet of me. It’s harmonious and whole! At last, I can weave all parts of myself into my work and everyday life in a seamless, fulfilling way, without letting go of anything that matters,” 1Drea reflected with a deep sense of alignment.

The exhilaration pulsing through her was invigorating, almost palpable. She felt a profound satisfaction knowing that her foray into the realm of magical fiction would not just be a tale, but an odyssey that lights up the hearts and minds of her readers. It would be a narrative that bridges the mystical with the tangible, sparking a belief in transformation and the latent magic residing within each of us.

1Drea’s thoughts flowed with renewed vigor, “Now, it’s time to breathe life into our protagonist, a wise woman, a master of magic, compassion, and profound insight. Her name is Ellaría, and she is…”

Here, 1Drea paused, allowing the essence of Ellaría to take shape in her mind. “Ellaría is not just a character; she is a symbol of resilience, a testament to the power of dreams. She wields her wisdom not as a sword, but as a key that unlocks the hidden potentials within us all. Her journey is not one of mere fantasy; it mirrors our own quests for meaning, for connection, for a life infused with a magic that is real and tangible.”

As the image of Ellaría began to take shape in 1Drea’s consciousness she imagined the life experiences that led her new character to become a master Dreamweaver. Seeing her as a child she got a glimpse of Ellaría’s backstory.

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