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Following an out of body near death like experience (OBE / NDE) I had in 2005, while united to the infinite consciousness I call ‘Oneness’, I began to receive guidance, insight and messages. These channeled messages are the inspirations that come from Oneness during meditation and contemplation.

Boost Your Confidence & Trust Your Soul – Messages from Oneness

You are right far more often than you are wrong.

In fact, in the eyes of Spirit, from the perspective of Oneness you cannot go wrong.

You see, you are a divine soul, a spark from the infinite flame of consciousness that is All that is. You are not separate from consciousness. The world of duality is an illusion of the mind.



You cannot go wrong and you cannot be judged. There is no God sitting on a throne in a white robe deciding whether you should spend eternity in Hell or lounge around in Heaven.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Your own precious imagination is linked with the Mind of God. You and God are One.

Your thoughts create your reality. You have the power to create your Heaven on Earth. This is the true meaning of free will. You can take the puny little will of the ego and try to exert your will on this earth plane of reality and you’ll get some limited results.

But when we look at the masters and mystics of generations past and those who live among us today, we see that our Power is greater than physical matter. We can indeed levitate, walk on water and be born again.

The time is now to reclaim your Soul’s creative intelligence and create a life of peace, passion and prosperity for you and all the other souls among you.

trust soul

Your efforts have far-reaching effects. So do not be afraid of some far away spirit judging you. And let go of the fear of what people around you will say or think. They do not wake up in your skin. They are in no position to judge the spark of the Divine that is you.

Other’s judgment of you is merely a symptom of how far away from their own Truth they are in this moment.

Rise up to the great Being that you are called to be! You came here to shine, to be brilliant, to love, to share and to grow. This earth school has given your soul a playground or at least a learning field to master lessons and games to express your inner divinity.

When you feel a tingle of joy, a flicker of hope, a twinge of excitement that is surging through you — urging you to express an idea, create something new or explore your world, follow it. Your heart and soul are aligning to your Truth…and they cannot steer you wrong.

trust process

There is no failure in life. There is only experience, and signs that point us in the right direction. Making a mistake merely gives you some feedback on where to go next.

So rejoice in the possibility that all that you have ever dreamed yourself to be is true. You are a gift to this world. So be YOU. That is why your soul came here.

Love, Light and Blessings from Oneness, the Source of All that Is.



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