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Enjoy this excerpt from the forthcoming book, The Dreamweaver’s Legacy: Ellaría and the Forest of Mysteries by DaeEss 1Drea Pennington Wasio, copyright 2024, all rights reserved.

In a humble village on the outskirts of the Enchanted Forest lived a young girl named Ellenia. She possessed an otherworldly gaze that seemed to look beyond the visible, into the very essence of life itself. Ellenia was known among her kin for the delicate threads of light she would weave between her fingers, crafting patterns that danced in the air like reflections of the forest’s soul.

The Sage’s Revelation

One twilight, as the sky painted itself with the colors of dusk, a wise sage entered the village. Drawn by tales of the girl who could weave light, he sought Ellenia, finding her immersed in her luminescent craft. The sage, with eyes as deep as the history they beheld, watched her for a time, seeing in her the echo of a lineage thought lost to time.

“Ellenia,” he spoke, his voice a gentle wind through the leaves, “you are not merely weaving light, but the threads of destiny itself. You are the heir to a lineage of Dreamweavers, guardians who balance the tapestry of worlds.”








A Destiny Embraced

Ellenia listened with curiosity as the sage spoke of her ancestors—mystics who shaped the weft and warp of reality, who mended the frays in the fabric of existence. He told her of the Loom of Legacy, an ancient relic that awaited her touch, her vision, her spirit.

Ellenia has always been a believer in a greater purpose to life’s challenges and gifts. But this sounded so strange! Had her childish love for weaving light strands actually been a sacred gift and calling? She expressed her wonder and doubt to the sage. “Something within me says and feels as if what you’re saying is true. I want to believe you, as it would finally help me make sense of my life, losing my parents, and being so different from other people. But, how can I know what you’ve said is true?”

The sage, calmly and respectfully smiled and took a deep breath before responding. “Dear Ellenia, your heart will echo my words with a warmth and knowing that surpasses the questions of a doubtful mind.”

He looked her deep in her eyes, and seemed to connect with her heart and soul. “Your heart beats with a wisdom that comes from a lineage of Dreamweavers. Place your hand on your heart and ask your ancestors to speak with you, to give you a sign or a message about the truth or fiction I speak.”

Ellenia did as he instructed. She turned her back to hi, closed her eyes and pressed both hands to her chest. In her mind she called out, “Ancestors, mother, father, speak to me, touch my heart! If these words be true let me know in a way that I can trust.”

When she turned around the sage’s face transformed into the face of her father, whom she hadn’t seen in many years. Her heart leapt, seeming to skip a beat. Then the face morphed into her mother’s sweet and tender face. Tears formed in Ellenia’s eyes and she knew with everything in her whole being that she was connected to her lineage in this odd new way.

“I believe you,” she said. The face of her mother drifted away and standing before her once again was the wise sage, smiling peacefully.

“You may always ask me or your ancestors questions and the answers will come in many forms. You will know what to believe and trust. We will always be just a breath or heartbeat away.”

Before introducing Ellenia to the mystic arts, the sage shared his own journey with her. He spoke of his travels across distant lands, learning from various masters and experiencing the diverse practices of magic and healing. His eyes held stories of ancient temples, hidden libraries, and encounters with otherworldly beings. He told her of his quest for the Loom of Legacy, a journey that led him through trials and triumphs, shaping him into the guardian of knowledge he was today.

In the days that followed, her heart beating with the rhythm of newfound purpose, the sage became Ellenia’s mentor, guiding her through the sacred rites of the Dreamweavers. Under his tutelage, she learned to harness the light not just for beauty but for balance, for the mending of broken dreams and the nurturing of hope.

The sage taught Ellenia the ways of the Dreamweavers, showing her how to harness her abilities for her village and for the greater good of the world.

Principles of Dreamweaving

Under the sage’s guidance, Ellenia learned the foundational principles of Dreamweaving. He taught her about the balance of elements – earth, air, fire, water, and spirit – and how they intertwine in the fabric of reality. He introduced her to the sacred geometries and symbols used in their craft, each holding specific energies and purposes. The sage explained the importance of intention in Dreamweaving, how a Dreamweaver’s thoughts and feelings could influence the patterns they weave. He emphasized the need for harmony within oneself and with the natural world, as imbalances could lead to unintended consequences in their work.

Transformation into Ellaría

As she mastered her craft, Ellenia received her new name, and transformed into Ellaría, the Dreamweaver, a guardian of dreams and destinies. She cast off her old ways of seeing herself, like a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, and took on a name that resonated with the power and grace of her newfound role.

Ellaría, now a guardian of dreams and destinies, felt the weight and wonder of her calling. The sage, with a knowing smile, bestowed upon her the Dreamweaver’s mantle, an enchanted shawl, woven from the ethereal threads of dreams and reality themselves. This garment would not only serve as a symbol of her role but also imbue her with the necessary protection and power to navigate the challenges of weaving the world’s dreams.

The cloak  shimmered with a light that seems to come from within, changing colors with the shifting light of day and the phases of the moon, reflecting the ever-changing nature of dreams. It was richly adorned with symbols and runes that glow softly in the presence of magical energy, each symbol representing a different aspect of the Dreamweaver’s craft—protection, vision, healing, and connection to the ethereal realms.

As the sage bestowed this mantle upon Ellaría, it wraps around her shoulders effortlessly, as if recognizing its true bearer. She noticed that it felt warm, comforting, yet vibrant with an ancient power. The moment it settled around her, a sense of deep understanding and connection to the dreamscape of the world floods through her, signifying her acceptance of the mantle and her readiness to take on the role of Dreamweaver.

Ellaría would learn that this enchanted cloak serves not only as a badge of her office but also as a tool, enhancing her abilities to weave and manipulate the dreams of the world, protect her from the backlash of dark energies, and connect more deeply with the collective consciousness of all living beings. It is a tangible reminder of her duty to maintain balance and spread hope, a source of strength and solace as she embarks on her journey to fulfill her destiny.

“With this,” he said, “you step into the legacy of those who weave the dreams of the world. Guard it well, Ellaría, for you are the hope of balance, the keeper of the light.”

After several more months of training the sage departed, leaving Ellaría to her destiny, the stars themselves seemed to whisper her name. In the heart of the Enchanted Forest, the Loom of Legacy pulsed with a new rhythm, anticipating the touch of the one who would shape destinies anew.

And so began the journey of Ellaría, once Ellenia, the girl of light, now the Dreamweaver, whose story was interwoven with the very threads of time, ready to embrace the tapestry of her fate.


1Drea penned this vignette to capture the moment of Ellenia’s transformation into Ellaría, highlighting her origin as a Dreamweaver and the pivotal role of the sage in revealing her true destiny. She saw that it would set the stage for her emergence as a guardian of balance and a weaver of dreams, marking the beginning of her profound impact on the world.

“I imagine that Ellaría is much like me, she weaves her magic and supports the healing and transformation of her community. She is generous and wise, and willing to teach others to embrace their powers for Dreamweaving.”

It occurred to 1Drea that Ellaría would share the principles of magic, healing and transformation and pass on this knowledge to those who wanted to do as she does.

“As the saying goes,” mused 1Drea, “when the master is mature, they become the teacher. And when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” So she closed her eyes and imagined the ideal student, someone who would absorb the wisdom of Ellaría and carry the message and healing far and wide…

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