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It feels like a lot of change is happening on a global scale. And while change is essential, a lot of people resist it. And boy can us empaths feel that resistance in the air.

This was a topic of much debate on Facebook live recently – I know a lot of people are feeling the negative vibes and heaviness all over the planet.


But at the same time, there are a lot of people out there who want to be a part of the change.  Because these periods of change and heaviness come and go – they don’t stick around forever. Some of us are primed and ready to raise the vibrations again.

From the new moon, to it just being a sign of the times, there could be countless contributing factors.  So what follows is just my opinion, based on what I’ve observed from my light worker community.

I believe that what we are feeling is part of our calling.  Wait, what?  That doesn’t sound very inspiring, right?  But stay with me…

I really believe this frustration and un-rest is an invitation to change; to step up and do life differently.

Discomfort can be a part of our awakening.  You might be just waking up, and that definitely makes us hurt!  Or if you’ve been ‘woke’ for a while, this pain could be more about your ascension to the next level of understanding.

To put this into context, years ago when I got into the spiritual world, it was kind of a ‘fringe’ thing.  This new age stuff wasn’t common, but now it’s becoming mainstream. The idea of aligning your soul with your life is considered normal-ish now – wouldn’t you agree?

Is it time for you to align with your soul?

So I think that now is the time for many of us to take up new roles in life.  So what role do you play right now?  If you are feeling an icky sense of mis-alignment then perhaps your current role in life doesn’t match with your new paradigm, post awakening.


We are, I believe, at a point in the progress of the world that we can shift our identity.  For example, today I use the term ‘light worker’ freely. In fact, it’s my mission to help activate and elevate light workers.  But back in the day, when spirituality was still fringe, I would not have made that statement publicly. It just wouldn’t have fitted with my role and my personal brand.  Today it pretty much is my personal brand!

I’ve been on a spiritual path all my life.  Ever since childhood I have felt more connected to the spirit world than the earth world.  Yet I was always striving to fit in with the rest of the earth world.  Human beings are wired for connection, it’s essential for our survival.  So I wanted to feel accepted; by family, kids at school, and colleagues in my early career.  So that personal brand, that identity I had in my younger years, was totally geared towards that.  

This is completely normal human behaviour.  But, it was also the inspiration for the journey I went on to become more ‘me’, and indeed my TEDx talk, Become Who You Really Are.

When you are living out of alignment you can only get so far before something has to give.  

Sooner of later the shouting for attention that your soul’s purpose will do, becomes just too loud to ignore. Especially if you are a sensitive, light worker type of person. You won’t be able to suppress your authentic self forever – no matter how much society conditions you to do so.  

But this is all just a part of the human experience; learning to chose our own path over the ones that society lays out for us.  If you look back over human history at the industrial revolution, this was a time that society highly prized those who would work really hard at any job opportunity they were given, as the primary focus at that time was just to feed the family and get through the day to day.

There is nothing in the history books about spiritual awakening or discovering purpose – it was all about working hard and getting by.  And some people higher up the chain, factory owners for example, would take advantage for that.  

Welcome to the discomfort zone

Threads of this are still very present in society today.  This is where the culture of overwork and burnout likely derives from.  And yes, much of burnout comes from over-working, but that’s not the only trigger. The burden of taking on a role that isn’t aligned with our soul’s purpose can push us into the danger zone too.

But it’s hard to spot the signs since everything from the US healthcare system to the advertising we consume is keeping us numb and dumb.  We live to work, medicating first, and asking lifestyle questions second… if at all. We overlook the choice and opportunity for change, as there is a conditioned preference for “just get your head down and work hard.”

Sadly, many parents teach their kids to fit into this model, because that’s all they have known themselves. Not many of us have been raised to look up from our work and wonder about the big why.


But we were never meant to get stuck like this.  Humans evolve and change, and that’s completely natural. I believe that when we can all own our transformation and bravely say out loud, in a public way, “I chose a different path” – then we can start to move on.  This may start one person at a time, but eventually society as a whole can change too.

Let’s use this discomfort to do some good in the world

This is why I feel that this big shift is coming now.  Many of us are waking up and this sort of discomfort is very familiar.  It is very much like the feeling that I typically get before another spiritual breakthrough. You know, those epiphany moments were you learn a big life lesson or understand something about your soul’s purpose much more clearly?

I know it’s the same for many of the light workers in my community, and so many of them are in the midst of this right now.

So while the pain of transition is present, I am optimistic that it has a purpose, and will ultimately lead to something good.


I hope that if you are reading this and you too feel a pull to change something in your life – that you find your way to your soul’s purpose.  It all starts with waking up, and then being brave enough to listen to that little voice within.

I would love to know, have you have been feeling this way too?  Or maybe you have felt the vibes, but didn’t know what it was all about?  Please do leave me a comment here, or reach out on Facebook @DrAndreaPennington.




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