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Twilight of Ego, Dawn of Soul: A Journey from Darkness to Light

Welcome to another post in my transformative Dark Night to Dawn series. I’m Dr. DaeEss 1Drea, a mentor, author, and fellow traveler on this journey of conscious evolution.

Recently, I went through what can only be termed a dark night of the ego. During this trying period, I delved deep into my creative reservoir as a way to make sense of the whirlwind of emotions and thoughts I was grappling with. Out of this emotional tempest emerged a new understanding, a series of enlightening articles, and a transformative poem that I’m excited to share with you today.

In the dimmed light where sorrow sows seeds,  

A place we all visit to reckon with deeds.  

Life disassembles, frays at each seam,  

But even in the dark, there’s a latent dream.

We stand on quivering ground, the ego seeks  

Familiar footholds, yet it’s the unknown it meets.  

It clings to yesterdays, to patterns and norms,  

Unaware it’s the tempest before the transformative storms.

Oh, how it feels to be lost in such night,  

Grasping for sanity, but losing the fight.  

The mind’s tapestry unravels, thread by fragile thread,  

A self once concrete now feels like it’s dead.

But hush… Listen, for it’s a whisper, a call,  

It’s your soul saying, “Fear not, for you will not fall.”  

Let patience be your balm, and faith be your sight,  

For many have passed through this soul-awakening night.

Your feet may tremble, but they are held by ancient soil,  

By the billions who’ve been, by those who’ve known toil.  

So let the ego step back, let the soul take the lead,  

In this sacred space, you’ll find all that you need.

For darkness is but the canvas of the dawn yet to break,  

It’s a story, not an end, a sacred path we all take.  

The twilight of the ego gives way to the soul’s sun,  

For in every ending, a new beginning has come.

Even if right now, the light you can’t see,  

Know this—soon, you will be where you’re meant to be.  

So walk through the twilight, for the dawn waits ahead,  

In the breaking light, your soul will be fed.

So remember this truth when you’re cocooned in the night,  

You’re a transitional masterpiece waiting to take flight.  

For the darkest sky holds the brightest constellation,  

And your soul knows the way to its divine destination.

Copyright 2023 DaeEss 1Drea Pennington, all rights reserved


This poem is part of my ongoing series that aims to shed light on the transformative power of dark nights, inspired by the timeless wisdom of San Juan de la Cruz. If you’d like to read more, you can explore the entire series here.

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