Together we explore resilience, self-love, spiritual growth, and healing trauma & ACEs. I offer a journey to the heart of holistic healing and psychedelic therapy.

This masterclass aims to provide a well-rounded, trauma-informed approach to psychedelics based on current clinical research and Dr. 1Drea’s professional experience.

Together we dive into what a trauma-informed psychedelic journey could look like, including these topics, and much more.

Introductory Session

The Importance of Context
Before embarking on the journey, an introductory session helps set the context. Here, we discuss what it means to have a trauma-informed approach and how that translates to psychedelic experiences.

Trauma-Sensitive Set and Setting

Beyond the usual set and setting considerations, special attention is given to creating a safe space that accounts for the unique sensitivities of trauma survivors.

Initial Screening and Consent

A thorough screening process is conducted, including medical history and emotional readiness. Consent forms are then reviewed, ensuring participants understand what they’re consenting to, especially regarding touch and interpersonal interaction.

Integration of Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness can be incredibly grounding for someone with trauma. We’d integrate these practices both before and after the psychedelic experience.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Cue Training

Training on how to express discomfort or revoke consent with both verbal and non-verbal cues adds another layer of safety.

Preparation for Potential Triggers

Participants should be prepped on how to handle triggering situations, with an agreed-upon plan for how to navigate these moments during the experience.

During the Session: Active Support

An experienced facilitator is present throughout, tuned in to the emotional states of the participants, able to provide active but non-intrusive support.

Post-Session Integration with Trauma Focus

The integration sessions focus not just on the psychedelic experience but also on how to integrate any triggered trauma safely into the healing process.

Ongoing Support

Offer a framework for ongoing support, whether that’s follow-up sessions, providing resources, or having a community that can offer continued support.


Ready for a Deeper Dive into Psychedelics?

If this masterclass piqued your interest and you’re looking to explore the transformative potential of psychedelics in a safe and intentional way, I invite you to check out my course, the Ultimate Guide to Safe Psychedelic Preparation.

It’s your one-stop-shop for all things psychedelic preparation, from mindset to setting, dosages, and beyond.

Interested in Psychedelic Facilitation?

Step into the next level of psychedelic facilitation with Dr. DaeEss 1Drea’s exclusive Alchemy of the Soul Apprenticeship Program. Designed for therapists, doctors, and mental health professionals, and other interested professionals, this hands-on training offers an unparalleled dive into the world of trauma-informed psychedelic facilitation.

Beyond theoretical knowledge, you’ll gain real-world experience during retreats and live group calls, learning the ethical, clinical, and spiritual nuances of guiding transformative psychedelic journeys. If you’re committed to deepening your practice and wish to be at the forefront of the psychedelic renaissance, this apprenticeship program will equip you with the skills, ethics, and network to excel.

Join a live Q&A session on the 2024 Apprenticeship opportunity on November 7 on Zoom.
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