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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Joyce Wazirali, founder and CEO of Unity Conscious Leadership. Joyce has an impressive portfolio as she’s a consultant, coach, counselor, trainer, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Joyce has specialized in unity consciousness leadership for over 30 years offering tailor-made leadership programs for individuals and business leaders. She teaches them how to change their inner and outer environments to overcome personal and cultural issues from a unity consciousness perspective.

Practicing unity-conscious leadership

Joyce Z. Wazirali Author photoJoyce focuses on solving problems that hold people in the past in their organizations and helps them develop their strength in the present to reveal opportunities for the future. In her practice of unity conscious leadership, Joyce works at the rational, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and soul levels. Yes, she goes deep! She offers face-to-face and online personal and group programs in the area of the leadership, system dynamic work, appreciative inquiry, talents, and life’s mission, as well as trauma counseling. Joyce offers her guidance in Dutch and in English.

Joyce Wazirali’s enlightening new book

I had the privilege of talking to her about her new book Unity Conscious Leadership (TM). She shared how she considers writing a book as a spiritual process that involves more than just putting words on a page. As an author, she believes she goes through a transformational experience as she brings to life a new entity and reveals her soul to the world.

Joyce is no stranger to this idea of sharing herself with the world. As a co-author in our books Magic and Miracles and Life After Trauma, she shared stories that were tied to her intuition and the depth of her soul work. In particular, she spoke about what triggered the sharing of those stories. She had visions that kept bringing her back to those particular topics.

Coming back to the present, we spoke about what her trigger had been for Unity Conscious Leadership. She told me about how the trigger for this book had been a dream she’d had in 2010. In the dream, she’s been in a forest where she’d met Shakyamuni Buddha. He’d invited her to look into the world through his inner eye and she’d seen Paradise. She’d felt absolute happiness and dynamic peace. She’d thought, “This is something I have to share with the world.” Since that day, she made it her mission to contribute health, happiness, and peace to the world. At first, Joyce had had no idea how to do so and she’d just continued with her work.

Then in 2013, she’d been in Spain where she’d had a mystical experience one evening. Then and there, she’d decided to write a book about unity-conscious leadership. Joyce had no blueprint or focus for the book. She’d just had the urge to write. It unfolded as she was writing. What helped her put things together in the story was her combination of the eastern wisdom of the Lotus Sutra with her own concept of suffering and transformation that encompass over 30 years of practical experience.

Recognizing interconnectedness – key to health, happiness, and peace

Unity Conscious Leadership

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness help people achieve inner peace

I’ll explain the Lotus Sutra for those who haven’t heard of it. Shakyamuni Buddha was always on the lookout for a solution to people’s suffering. He found yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to help people achieve inner peace. There are about 84 000 of his sutras. The final one is the Lotus Sutra. It’s about the complex coherence of life and how everything is connected.

In the book, Joyce speaks about how from a young age, just from being out in nature, she was able to recognize this interconnectedness between the sun, rain, trees, bees, and flowers. She realized how everything is dependent on everything else.

Joyce believes that in business also, there’s a common thread that runs through people and organizations. Everyone is looking for the same things – health, happiness, peace. She also sees that people and organizations become stuck in old patterns and they find it difficult to breakthrough. Crises and complaints usually start with a trauma, a toxic situation, or a toxic relationship. Personal and organizational development involves looking for solutions inside the person rather than outside. In finding these solutions within, people can transform the trauma and take some steps forward.

I asked Joyce how she helps clients who are unaware of the Buddhist paradigm of interdependence. How does she help them gain unity consciousness and become leaders of themselves even if they’re just an employee within the organization?

Solving present issues by dealing with past traumas

She told me that she listens to their stories, asks questions, and tries to view their situations through the lens of humility and conscious leadership. She tells them that the situation they’re facing is a reflection of their inner rules. They begin to see the connection between their stories and their inner worlds.

Once this has been achieved, Joyce begins work with them on the inner process, unlocking their potential and enabling them to take some steps forward. For instance, she helps clients get to the root of their burnout. Sometimes it can stem from a childhood desire to please a parent that results in a lifelong inability to say, “no” to ongoing demands.

She gave another example of how she’s helped a client who was the owner and director of a company. He’d found it difficult to take his place and had hired a manager. To cut a long story short, she’d discovered that many of his issues at work stemmed from a trauma he’d experienced when young. By working on the trauma, he’d been able to take his place in his company and didn’t require the manager anymore.


Looking within to solve problems without

Most solutions to outward problems lie within ourselves. We just need our perspectives to widen a little to see this. Joyce can see it as an outsider looking in. While working on her book, she discovered a lens of unity-conscious leadership which she describes as a diamond within herself.

Her ultimate goal with the book is to inspire people by sharing her theories and stories. It’s a book she hopes will contribute towards health, happiness, and peace in the world by inspiring others to make a difference. It’s for those who want to make the journey from their heads to their hearts.

While the book Unity Conscious Leadership is written from a Buddhist perspective, a person doesn’t have to be a Buddhist to get behind the concept. We have been conditioned for centuries to perceive the world from a perspective of divinity, good and bad, black and white. This, Joyce believes, is the root cause of conflicts and crises. This is why it’s so hard for people and organizations to change habits and patterns and transcend mutual differences. So, we need to break the old connections. We have an underlying belief that people and the environment are separate. Yet, we can create a paradise where unity prevails and where everyone is unique yet equal. Where everyone is connected from heart to heart and where happiness and peace are the core values.

Unity-conscious leadership is a new paradigm of leadership to overcome and transform crises and hardships and unlock our potential for greater health, happiness, and peace. Unity Conscious Leadership offers courses on personal, cultural, and professional leadership for individuals and business leaders who want to take a sustainable step forward. It can be seen as the box from your head to your heart or as a bridge from duality to unity, from reality to paradise.

I encourage you to check out Joyce’s book Unity Conscious Leadership. The first chapter is available for free on her website. If you’d like to get coaching, you can do one of her group or individual programs that are available in Dutch or English.

I am proud of Joyce and honored that we at Make Your Mark Global get to bring her book to the world. Until next time, remember that you, dear reader, are a gift to the world so share your presence with passion.

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